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oral health

Oral Health


oral health

Oral Health


Unit: Watch Your Mouth


oral health unit


Topic: Oral Health

Rationale: Students will understand the components of oral health. Furthermore, they will recognize that good oral health is an essential part of good general health and nutrition throughout life.


Keywords: anatomy, chewing, brush, floss, calcium, demineralization, enamel, fluoride, oral hygiene, plaque, tooth decay, caries

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Lesson 1: Normal Anatomy of the Healthy Mouth

Pre-Activity 1A: Oral Health Slide Show
Activity 1A: The Mouth
Activity 1B: The Kinds of Teeth & Animal Teeth - Tooth Math
Activity 1C: The Parts of the Tooth
Activity 1D: The Mechanics of Chewing

Lesson 2: Nutrition and Oral Health

Activity 2A: Foods that Hurt or Help Oral Health
Activity 2B: Oral Health Food Journal
Activity 2C: Oral Health Collage
Activity 2D: Eating Habits and Oral Health

Lesson 3: Oral Hygiene

Activity 3A: Oral Hygiene in Children's Books
Activity 3B: Brushing and Flossing
Activity 3C: Oral Health Guest Speaker
Activity 3D: Oral Health Care Record
Activity 3E: Dental Childhood Events - Writing
Activity 3F: Oral Health Posters

Lesson 4: Mineralization

Activity 4A: Mineralization Cycle - Introduction
Activity 4B: Lab-pH of Common Foods
Activity 4C: Fluoride Lab
Activity 4D: Group Research on Fluoride - Social Studies
Activity 4E: Fluoridation Commercials

Lesson 5: Pathology

Activity 5A: Tooth Decay
Activity 5B: Plaque: The Why and Hows
Activity 5C: Plaque Accumulation
Activity 5D: Casting Teeth
Activity 5E: Family Oral Health Survey
Activity 5F: Writing about Periodontal Disease

Lesson 6: Tooth Loss/Replacement

Activity 6A: Background and Note Taking: Effects of Tooth Loss
Activity 6B: Types of Tooth Replacements
Activity 6C: Oral Health - Personal Decisions


Oral Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Overview

Unit Overview and Background Information for Teachers


Unit Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • label the structures of the oral cavity
  • identify types, position, function, and parts of teeth
  • identify foods that promote good oral hygiene
  • model proper techniques of brushing and flossing
  • illustrate the cycle of demineralization/remineralization
  • analyze the acidity in common foods that may promote demineralization
  • observe plaque build-up
  • illustrate the progression of tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • examine their mouths for bite and missing teeth
  • determine how tooth loss affects nutrition and facial structure
  • observe types of dental replacements
  • apply oral health knowledge to their personal decision making


Unit/Lesson Evaluation

Oral Health Pre Test

Oral Health Post Test

Oral Health Pre/Post Tests Answer Key


This activity may be useful for pre and post evaluation and would merit placement in student portfolios for future reference.

Lab pH of Common Foods - Activity 4B


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Positively Aging® Curriculum Program Funding 1997-2008:
National Institutes of Health
National Center for Research Resources
National Institute on Aging
Science Education Partnership Award

Grant # R25 RR 18549